Marine Life of Fiji & Tonga: a video identification guide

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Marine Life of Fiji & Tonga: a video identification guide


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I love my Marine Life of Fiji & Tonga DVD's. My husband and I dive in Fiji a lot, at least once a year. I can't believe how much you have found to film and the amazing footage you are able to get. Keep up the good work.

Mary Brown, California, USA

This is a powerful, practical resource. Something everyone who loves the sea can benefit from.

Andrew Wiens, Scubadiving magazine




A reef species identification guide for divers, snorkellers, aquarists and all underwater enthusiasts. More than just a fish ID DVD, this field guide also includes invertebrates, mammals, reptiles and plants. The package includes 2 DVD videos that you can play on your TV or computer, PLUS a 14-page reference booklet with line drawings, descriptions and helpful information.

This field guide covers the incredible marine biodiversity of this fantastic corner of the South Pacific. It's a comprehensive identification guide to 1272 tropical marine species—reef fish, invertebrates, mammals & plants—except that instead of being a book full of pictures, it's a video with gorgeous real-life footage of each species. And all of the 1739 video clips are labelled with the common and scientific names of each species.

Beautifully filmed and visually engaging, Marine Life of Fiji & Tonga contains pretty much every reef species you're likely to see, catch or hear about when getting wet in this part of the world. Three years and more than 3000 dives in the making, this fish ID DVD is an essential reference tool.


  • 77 intuitive and easy-to-navigate DVD chapters

  • 3.5 hours of gorgeous underwater footage

  • 1739 identification video clips

  • 1272 different species, including over 800 species of reef fish!

  • learn common names and scientific names

  • identify juveniles, males, females—plus endemic species and local colour variations

  • action video allows you to study behaviour: how species swim, feed, court, fight, clean, hunt

  • tight macro shots show fine details, markings and texture normally impossible to see

  • soothing ambient music by award-winning composer Bjørn Lynne

  • filmed entirely in Fiji & Tonga, and with utmost care and respect for the underwater environment

  • 14-page reference booklet with line drawings, descriptions and helpful information

  • free downloadable checklist to keep a record of the species you've seen yourself

DVD Disc One

Identification of reef FISH including lionfish, gobies, angelfish, ghost pipefish, rays, eels, butterflyfish, dragonets, seahorses, barracudas, sharks, parrotfish...

DVD Disc Two

Identification of EVERYTHING ELSE including whales, nudibranchs, corals, octopus, crustaceans, sponges, jellyfish, sea stars, sea snakes, cuttlefish...