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100 Reasons to Visit the Solomons : SCUBA diving expedition.

G’day, fellow ocean enthusiasts! Have you found yourself endlessly scrolling through dive site feeds, dreaming of your next underwater adventure? Thinking about your next SCUBA diving expedition? If so, prepare yourself. I’m excited to guide you on a virtual exploration of one of the Pacific’s hidden treasures: the Solomon Islands. This isn’t merely a fleeting glance; rather, we’re embarking on a comprehensive journey into 100 compelling reasons that solidify the Solomon Islands as an indispensable destination for divers, aspiring marine biologists, and anyone who marvels at the ocean’s vast beauty and complexity.

Introduction video

Why Choose the Solomon Islands?

Positioned midway between Indonesia and Fiji, the Solomon Islands represent more than just a mark on the map. This expansive archipelago slows the passage of time, offering a welcome to divers where the fish are as friendly as the locals. Furthermore, the water clarity is so remarkable, it’ll feel as though your dive mask has been upgraded to 4K.

The live aboard dive boat Bilikiki tied to a beautiful uninhabited island paradise.
Our floating home the live aboard dive boat Bilikiki tied to a beautiful uninhabited island paradise.

A Diverse Marine Symphony Awaits

Initially, you’ll discover the marine biodiversity here is akin to the Beatles of the underwater realm – timeless, unmatched, and universally cherished. Featuring creatures like the whimsically endearing Barramundi Cod, alongside the elegant Pinnate Batfish, the Solomon Islands provide an unparalleled viewing of the ocean’s most unique inhabitants.

49 reasons to visit the Solomon Islands
The first 49 reasons…

Discover Both Critters and Giants

For those drawn to macro photography or the joy of spotting the unseen, the Solomon Islands brim with life that redefines ‘hidden beauty.’ Moreover, enthusiasts of larger marine species will find no shortage of mantas, morays, and synchronized schools of fish that add to the allure of this destination.

An Underwater Historical Journey

Yet, the appeal of the Solomon Islands extends beyond the living; it’s a voyage through time itself. Wrecks from WWII lie scattered across the ocean floor, serving as a bridge between historical narratives and modern-day exploration, providing an immersive experience that educates as much as it captivates.

Another 49 reasons to scuba dive the Solomon Islands.
49 more reasons….

Immerse in the Local Culture

The allure of the Solomon Islands transcends underwater boundaries, with surface intervals offering rich cultural engagements. Local communities showcase vibrant traditions, and the exchange of fresh local produce—delivered directly to our liveaboard via dugout canoe—is a gastronomic delight not to be missed.

Embark on the Expedition

Feeling the call of the ocean? This December, I’m leading an expedition on the Bilikiki, one of my top 3 favorite liveaboards, for a 10-day adventure that promises a comprehensive Solomon experience. From underwater marvels to cultural exchanges, this journey is packed with photographic opportunities and unforgettable moments.

Ten thumbnails for 10 Top Ten films about the Solomon Islands.
10 Top Ten short films to look out for.

Why You Should Join

Join us for the camaraderie, the stories each dive brings to light, and to rediscover the exhilaration that made us fall in love with diving. The Solomon Islands remind us of the thrill of discovery, the splendor of nature, and the privilege of being part of an underwater world that continues to astonish.

Whether you’re a veteran diver or simply a lover of the sea, this is your invitation. Let’s create lasting memories, share laughter, and perhaps discover your new favorite marine creature. Life is too fleeting to remain shorebound.

Are You Ready for an Unforgettable Adventure?

Mark your calendar for December and prepare for a dive trip unlike any other. The Solomon Islands beckon, offering an adventure that fulfills every diver’s wishlist. What better response than a resounding “Yes, please!”?

Stay tuned as we unravel those 100 reasons over the coming 100 days. Each one a testament to why the Solomon Islands are not just a dive destination, but a paradise waiting to be explored.

1. Top ten Beautiful fish

 Barramundi cod

 Many spotted sweetlips

 Pinnate batfish

 Teira batfish

 Lined surgeonfish

 Pink-tail triggerfish

 Morrison’s dragonet

 Painted sweetlips

 Moorish idol

 Palette tang

2. Top ten Anemonefish

 Anemonefish taking over wrecks


 Clark’s anemonefish

 Pink anemonefish

 Saddle anemonefish

 Spinecheek anemonefish

 Orange-fin anemonefish

 Bonnet anemonefish

 Orange anemonefish

3. Top ten Beautifully strange critters

 Feathermouth sea cuccumber

 Ox-heart ascidian

 Vermetid snail

 Coral clams

 Xenia flower coral

 Garden eels

 Friendly remoras

 Convict blennies

 Ringed pipefish

 Mycedium fluorescent corals

4. Top ten Cool crustaceans

 Peacock mantis shrimp

 Hairy squat lobster

Jelly cleaner shrimp

 Porcelain crabs

Popcorn shrimp

 Thor sexy shrimp

 Boxer cleaner shrimps

 Randall’s goby shrimp

 Orangutan crabs

 Tiger snapping shrimp

5. Top ten Cryptic critters

 Sea horse

 Plucked chicken pygmy seahorse



 Ornate ghost pipefish

 Double ended pipefish


 Whip gobies

 Two spot gobies

 Crinoid clingfish

6. Top ten Nudibranchs and other cool small stuff

 Tailed slug

 Dusky nembrotha

 Electric nudi


 Longarm octopus

 Red spot nudi


 Beautiful dartfish

 Striped triplefins


7. Top ten Big picture habitats and divesites

 Barracuda point, Mary Island

 Russell Islands shallows

 Under the boat, Mary Island

 Seagrass Maravaghi

 Mane Point coral gardens

 Mirror Pond gardens

 Mary Island

 Penguin Reef walls

 Red whip walls with golden damsels

 Kicha Island

8. Top ten Bigger critters



 Giant moray

 Titan triggerfish


 Broadclub cuttlefish

 Hunting packs

 Bigeye trevally

 Yellow-stripe scad

 Chevron barracuda

9. Top ten Wrecks

 Boneghi 1 Hirokawa Maru

 Boneghi 2 Kinugawa Maru

 B17 Flying fortress

 Mbike wreck

 Mavis seaplane Type 97 Large Flying Boat Japanese Kawanishi H6K

 The wreck on The Ann

 Maru 1 Morovo lagoon

 Maru 2 Morovo lagoon

 Segei P38 and Douglas divebomber plane wrecks

 Upright tuna boat

10. Top ten Uniquely Solomon Islands

 Local spear fisherman 

 Leru cut

 Mirror pond

 Scuba surfing

 Dugout canoes

 Floating markets

 The devil’s highway

 Rapichana Cut

 A1 dingy pickup service

 Catching fresh sushimi for the daily sunset snacks with Wilson

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