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Video: Diving in Alor & Flores, Indonesia

A video of underwater highlights from our dive expedition to Alor and Flores, Indonesia, aboard the fabulous liveaboard Arenui.

Below is a shot list in case you wonder what you are looking at, and where you can go to see it for yourself. I’d love to hear any of your comments


Time What Where
0:01 Liz taking photos of kids swimming between dugout canoes Yan Village, Pura Island
0:08 Kids wearing hand-made wooden swimming goggles, and giving me a “high 5” Yan Village, Pura Island
0:20 Drift along current-swept rocky boulders encrusted with soft corals and hydroids Greja Tua, Pura Island
0:24 Lock shot of Black-and-white snapper and Scalefin anthias on the edge of the drop-off Yan Village, Pura Island
0:33 Approach over shallow reef to local fisherman tending a traditional fish trap Greja Tua, Pura Island
0:50 Moorish idol and other reef fish trapped Greja Tua, Pura Island
0:57 Xenia coral gardens swarmed by surgeonfish and Bluestreak fusiliers, just before dusk Reta Slope, Reta Island
1:05 Typically beautiful shallow reef lining clean oceanic channel Reta Slope, Reta Island
1:09 “Anemone City”: unbelievable number of anemones encrusting every available surface on acres of rock boulders Valley of the Clown, Pura Island
1:21 Sea apple: a type of filter feeding sea cucumber often found in cold water upwellings throughout Indonesia Greja Tua, Pura Island
1:25 Sea apple sucking the plankton off its tentacles Greja Tua, Pura Island
1:35 Typical soft substrate community, visually dominated by soft corals Waiwawan, Kawula Island
1:37 Mozambique ghostgoby and Puffer filefish are among the many species that call the soft coral home Waiwawan, Kawula Island
1:41 The shy Puffer filefish feeds on tiny invertebrates it finds on the soft coral Waiwawan, Kawula Island
1:49 This Giant frogfish left his coral outcrop, on his way to hide against my friend Ralph’s black camera housing Kalabahi Bay
1:55 Frogfish use jet propulsion to swim: in the mouth, out the jet behind the pelvic fin Kalabahi Bay
2:04 This female Compressed toby was being harassed by a male looking for love Tanjung Wotang, Adonara Island
2:08 Swimming crinoids aren’t commonly seen, except when the place is crawling with them… Tanjung Wotang, Adonara Island
2:16 Blackstripe dottybacks are common as dirt in these mucky habitats Waiwawan, Kawula Island
2:22 Poison bristle nudibranchs transfer the stinging cells from their prey to their cerata (the frilly bits all over them) for their own defense Beang Abang, Pantar Island
2:29 Sea pens stick out from the volcanic black sand slope and are home to Porcelain crabs Beang Abang, Pantar Island
2:34 A male Delicate ghost pipefish appears to be getting very friendly with a female Robust ghost pipefish. Weird. Beang Abang, Pantar Island
2:41 Papuan (probably) scorpionfish wearing Graeff’s sea cucumber as a boa. Also weird. Valley of the Clown, Pura Island
2:47 Japan armina cruising the black sand looking for sea pens to eat Beang Abang, Pantar Island
2:52 Unidentified candystripe tunicate squirting water out and closing up for protection Beang Abang, Pantar Island
2:56 Yellowmouth moray getting some dental work done by cleaner shrimp Greja Tua, Pura Island
3:01 Steene’s dottyback has been on my list for ages. Very cool fish with plenty of attitude. Beang Abang, Pantar Island
3:08 Tiny juvenile Star puffer hiding from a strong current behind a small rock Beang Abang, Pantar Island
3:12 Juvenile filefish hangs onto sponge by its mouth to avoid getting swept away in the current Beang Abang, Pantar Island
3:14 Clown crab with a clutch of eggs appreciates a good crescendo Beang Abang, Pantar Island
3:20 Eyespot blenny—my blenny of the week—typically predictable, easy to shoot, and entertaining to watch Padang Pasir, Kawula Island
3:25 Blenny of the week blowing the poo and spooge out of its home Padang Pasir, Kawula Island
3:29 Decorated dartfish are common on deep walls, usually around 30m (98′) down in rubble overhangs Reta Slope, Reta Island
3:35 Candycane dwarfgoby waits for passing plankton Takat Prau, Kawula Island
3:40 Orange anemonefish usually play up to the camera Takat Prau, Kawula Island
3:47 Royal dottyback and Pictus blenny embroiled in a vicious face-off. Reps were upheld. Tanjung Bacatan, Kawula Island
3:55 Reef squid tending its eggs on a mooring line Kalabahi Bay
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George Morrison
11 years ago

Stunning clarity and colour!!

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