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Demo Reel: The best underwater HD 1080p video clips from our stock footage library

This latest show reel represents some of my favourite moments underwater while shooting with my HD1080p video system. And below is the shot list from our stock footage library, in case you wonder what you are looking at or where you can go to see it for yourself. I’d love to hear any of your comments.


Time What Where
0:01 A gentle drift over a small section of what was acres of stunning coral gardens Banta, Komodo, Indonesia
0:02 A slow swim over the kelp Outside of Moreton Island, Brisbane, Australia—just 2kms away (and below the thermocline) from the coral reef Flinders Reef
0:03 Drift over a bommie topped with Sinularia soft coral and Magenta slender anthias The dive site “Kansas”, near Namena, Fiji
0:04 A school of Blue-lined snapper The crystal clear waters of Rowley Shoals, off the north-west coast of Australia
0:06 A tilt showing the “Blowhole” The weather side of Lady Elliott Island, GBR, Australia
0:09 Clownfish tending eggs The dive site “Rainbow Reef”, Solomon Islands
0:12 A Long arm octopus passes through. I was actually shooting a juvenile flounder buried in the sand—you can see his white eyes and a splash of yellow markings Lembeh, Indonesia
0:15 Juvenile striped catfish feeding More muck from Lembeh, Indonesia
0:18 Hairy squat lobster—a common commensal critter in barrel sponges Solomon Islands
0:20 A Giant moray gets a root canal Lady Elliott Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia
0:23 Beautiful leopard sharks cruise the sand around the bommies… …on the sheltered side of Lady Elliott Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia
0:28 Galapagos penguin looking for fish Punta Vicente Roca, Isabella Island, Galapagos Islands
0:31 Mantis shrimp spears a passing fish at night Sangaeng, Komodo, Indonesia
0:34 Crocodile awoken from his rest in Mirror Pond Solomon Islands
0:39 Juvenile Galapagos sea lion checks himself out in the reflection of my lens Isla Lobos, Galapagos Islands
0:44 School of Jewfish spooked over the kelp outside of Moreton Island, Brisbane, Australia
0:47 Hammerhead sharks cruising the cleaning stations of… …Darwin Island, Galapagos Islands
0:50 Scorpionfish yawning—it’s always nice when a sit-still-and-wait fish actually does something Galapagos Islands
0:53 Pair of squid communicating through colours Flinders Reef, Queensland, Australia
0:55 Manta ray (with remoras) looking for cleaners “Lighthouse Bommie”, Lady Elliott Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia
1:00 Juvenile convict blennies pouring into their well-guarded home Solomon Islands
1:04 Coral spawning. One of the most difficult and frustrating subjects I have ever shot. Timing is all. Solomon Islands
1:07 Olive sea snake cruising Herald Patches, south of the Great Barrier Reef, Australia
1:09 Circling dolphins often liven up the safety stops at… …Darwin Island, Galapagos Islands
1:11 The endangered Grey nurse sharks at their most important refuge… …Fish Rock Cave, New South Wales, Australia
1:16 Waves breaking overhead Flinders Reef, Queensland, Australia
1:18 Humpback whales cruising—mother, calf and escort Ha’api, Tonga
1:21 Reticulated and Golden damsels feeding on plankton Great Barrier Reef, Australia
1:25 One of the most beautiful places on earth… …the dive site “Mellow Yellow”, Bligh Water, Fiji
1:29 Reef cuttlefish during egg-laying fun and games Solomon Islands
1:30 My favourite local dive site… …the turtle cleaning station at Flinders Reef, Queensland, Australia
1:32 Eagle rays in a steady progression circle this spot at… …Wolf Island, Galapagos Islands
1:34 Large bull Galapagos sea lion scared the pants off me as he cruised by Cousins Rock, Galapagos Islands
1:39 Dense school of scad seeking safety in the bay at… …Matanghi, Solomon Islands
1:41 Chevron barracuda Mary Island, Solomon Islands
1:43 A docile Tiger shark cruises calmly overhead Beqa, Fiji

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Patricia Westin
7 years ago

Beautiful footage and music! Love the young sea lion shot

11 years ago

WOW … Fantastic!!

Steve Penchion
11 years ago

Absolutely fantastic!! The blend of shots and music worked completely in harmony. I’ve just forwarded your site to 2 friends who dive many times each year and to another to challenge him on the new extreme sport of suba surfing!!! Well done to both of you, especially Liz, who I believe used to be nervous of the sea until a few years ago!

Scott Russell
11 years ago
Reply to  Steve Penchion

Steve, thanks for the link. Beautiful footage and wonderfully edited. I am going to keep revisiting that when in need of a sea fix. I look forward to the next video! Thanks

11 years ago
Reply to  Steve Penchion

Yep, up until 2001 I was nervous of rocking boats. Funny to look back at that now! After learning to dive, I made my peace with the sea 🙂

Cat & Bucky
11 years ago

LOVE it LOVE it LOVE IT! We watched it going, wow we were there, we were THERE too!! That bent-tailed eagle ray was a feature 🙂 and what is the music.. amazing and i want to use it in the gym!?

11 years ago

Spectacular as always Josh! Good onya mate! 😉

11 years ago

Six stars – you are the best Josh and Joeji has been a steady mate – Go Gates! I think you’ll need to add some minke clips. That humpback encounter though . . . wow

Planeta Océano
10 years ago

Wonderful! We have shared it in our FB We are a non profit organization working in Peru with coastal communities. One of our pillars is environmental education on coastal marine environments. Many people don’t realize that there is another world underwater! We also do investigation but do not have the resources for underwater footage. It wll be great if we can share more of your work! Congratulations!

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