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Video: Gates GT14 underwater video lights pre-dive rig tinkering

The good folks at Gates Underwater Products have designed and built their latest model of underwater video lights: the GT14. What’s more, Gates have generously decided to send pre-release units out into the field for a lucky few to test dive. Not sure how few, but I got on the list, and was giggling like a school girl when I received the bright orange Pelican case from the courier yesterday, and immediately set about tinkering.

No doubt there will be more fine tuning underwater to get the trim and balance just right… but for now, I’m ready for some clear water to play in.

Now, about that rain, king tide and cyclone parked off the coast…. My beloved Noosa River is offering a meter or two at the top of the tide, and a screaming current otherwise. My planned 7-day shoot on the Swains, GBR, has just been replaced by a weekend on Big Cat in beautiful Moreton Bay… but that’s 11 days away. As much as I am enjoying looking at the shiny new lights, I would much prefer to get them underwater. Does anybody out there have some clear water they want blasted with 14000 lumens somewhere near Noosa, sometime before I have to send these puppies on to the next lucky shooter?

Stay tuned for the test footage coming in coming weeks…


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Aaron Aaron
8 years ago

That pulley system is a great idea!

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