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Does your group want to be captivated by the world of coral reef ecosystems and the intriguing relationships between marine species?

Biodiversity is a word we often hear, but rarely do we dig deeper. Marine biodiversity has an extra cloak of mystery—and is both fascinating and under threat.

Josh Jensen is a marine biologist and award-winning underwater cameraman. He spent the last 20 years exploring and documenting marine ecosystems. Josh is known for his skill at simplifying complex marine biology into enjoyable chunks of digestible information. Mixing this with his stunning underwater video footage, he leaves audiences with new-found knowledge of and appreciation for life on our planet.

Excerpt from Josh Jensen’s TEDx talk “Every Species Matters”

Josh is passionate, enthusiastic and creates that same atmosphere to mesmerize the audience. In 45 minutes Josh introduced all the Noosa Waterwatch volunteers to just a small taste of the Noosa River, we laughed, hung our heads in shame, and were awed by the footage we were shown. Josh shocked us about how threatening many recreational activities are to our biodiversity, livelihoods, and food source. It’s an amazing world below the surface and with the help of Undersea Productions we can educate a few, change the attitude of hundreds and amaze thousands, one by one.

I would like to congratulate Josh Jensen on the powerful presentation that he made at our Friday Environment Forum. He chose the topic Noosa River Fish Species which obviously had great audience appeal. The Forum was well attended by members and non-members of Noosa Parks and the feedback on his style and enthusiasm was excellent.

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Want to learn about underwater videography, and how to capture good images while respecting the marine environment?

Josh Jensen is a multi award-winning underwater image specialist with decades of experience. He has travelled and dived much of the South Pacific, and enjoys sharing his first-hand experiences and knowledge with other divers and marine enthusiasts.

Each training session is tailor-made to you or your group’s area of interest and level of expertise. Get in touch to find out more.


  • exposure & depth of field
  • lighting & composition
  • macro & wide-angle techniques
  • how to approach shy wildlife
  • how to capture natural animal behaviour
  • how to photograph or film other divers
  • how to shoot sequences and build a story
  • pre-dive camera prep
  • advanced buoyancy skills for photographers and videographers
  • editing in Lightroom, Photoshop and Final Cut Pro

The workshop with Undersea Productions was fantastic, presented in an easy to understand way. Am leaving with a much better understanding of both camera and shooting.

Good personalised advice about how to use own camera and software editing of photos. Entertaining presentations—nice pics with the slideshow and Josh’s commentary was very funny.

The Eco Flicks (Sunshine Coast Environment Film Festival) training workshop Undersea Productions ran for us was a great success, thanks to their enthusiasm and unfailing support to the budding film makers.

The candour of the course was great. The Lightroom tutorial I had was brilliant. Much more useful than going through a standard curriculum. There were some gem rosetta stones in there that will level up my wide angle shots.

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