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Professional HD & 4K Underwater Camera Operator / Cameraman

Josh Jensen

Experience & Qualifications

  • shooting in UltraHD 4K 2160p and full HD 1080p
  • 20+ years experience as a full-time underwater camera operator
  • multi-award winning
  • over 6000 dives worldwide
  • marine biologist
  • qualified PADI and TDI dive instructor
  • qualified boat captain, radio operator and sailor
  • qualified under Queensland Workplace Health & Safety for underwater filming
  • certified in closed circuit rebreathers (Evolution and Inspiration) and Nitrox
  • personable, professional, reliable
  • consistently high quality work
Josh Jensen, underwater cameraman & marine biologist
Josh Jensen

4K UltraHD Demo Reel

About Me

I’m an experienced freelance underwater cameraman based on the Cooloola Coast, north of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. My location gives me easy access to the rest of Australia, the South Pacific islands, New Zealand and South-East Asia.

I have many years of experience in underwater videographer work — especially filming people, scenery and marine wildlife. I take care not to damage the underwater marine environment while shooting.

My footage has been used by the BBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and Greenpeace, among many others.


We commissioned Josh Jensen to film our fieldwork on a large scientific project. We did this to capture footage for our own use as a record of our work. In addition, we commissioned Josh to edit the footage into a small documentary style film that we provided to our funding agency as a way for them to appreciate the work we were doing with their assistance. The funders were delighted with the product and are now using it as a tool to seek further funding partners for the work. Working with Josh was enjoyable and productive. He worked enthusiastically and very professionally. The resultant footage was of high quality and the edited short documentary film he made was very good, particularly considering the very tight timeframe in which he had to work. I highly recommend Josh and Undersea Productions to anyone else involved in a science project with visual impact for whom a high quality visual record is important.

We were in the middle of shooting a film on the breeding and habitat requirements of the endangered Mary River Cod, and there was only so much of the story we could tell with our terra firma based equipment. Freelance underwater cameramen seem to be rarer than Cod, and especially so are those with a string of underwater awards to their name. We hired Josh to capture footage of Cod in both their captive and their natural environments. The footage quality is exceptional, and the in-the-wild vision is the first of its kind ever! In terms of putting our viewers into the Cod’s world, Josh’s contribution to our project is priceless… love your work and your enthusiasm to get the shot even when the water is 13°C… Brrrrrr.


  • Sony Z100 camera: UltraHD 4K and high definition 1080p, with variable frame rates
  • Panasonic HVX200 cameras (two): HD 1080p with variable frame rates
  • commercial grade Gates underwater housings with HD video monitors
  • high powered LED underwater video lights (2 x 14,000 lumens), for excellent colours
  • 10-metre surface monitor cable, for remote camera viewing
  • Fathoms Imaging super-wide (120°) underwater lens with full zoom-through capability
  • flat ports with flip diopters for macro and super-macro
  • UR-PRO underwater colour filters, to balance underwater colour loss in natural light
  • hydrophone
  • custom built underwater tripods for steady lock-shots
  • custom built housing controls for optional filming in vertical orientation
  • GoPro Hero3 Black for POV shots
  • Ewa-Marine housing for the HVX200, for on-deck shooting in wet conditions
  • additional equipment for topside shooting: Tota-light kit, tripod, filters, Panasonic shotgun mic, and two sets of Sennheiser wireless lavaliere mics
  • all equipment is also available for dry hire
4K and HD underwater filming
4K and HD underwater filming

HD 1080p Demo Reel

Get In Touch

If you need professional underwater camera operator / DOP filming services for your documentary or television program, or for your research expedition, please contact me with your requirements. I can film for your specific needs, or I can supply footage from my marine stock footage library of more than 32,000 underwater clips.

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