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Undersea Productions Releases Unusual Collection of Vertical 4K (2160p UltraHD) Underwater Stock Footage

Queensland, Australia – Feb. 10, 2015 – Undersea Productions director, Liz Harlin, announced that the firm has added a new collection of vertical 4K 2160p video to its extensive online catalogue of underwater stock footage. Already known around the world for its stunning undersea footage of marine life, the company now offers this highly anticipated collection of stock footage filmed unconventionally in the vertical orientation.

“Vertical 4K footage lends itself to high-end custom displays and large multimedia installations, whether in public spaces or private homes,” said Harlin. “Wildlife and nature video has broad appeal as digital décor.”

The vertical 4K underwater footage puts a spotlight on an impressive variety of sea life, such as manta rays, schooling jacks, clownfish, circling barracuda, and scenic coral reefs. Shipwrecks and schools of colourful tropical fish are also included. While many of the plant and animal species have been captured before on standard video, most have never before been filmed in the vertical 4K format.

The 4K video was captured at a generous 600Mbps data rate, using high-end optics and super wide lenses, allowing latitude for project-specific colour grading and looks. The source video’s 60p frame rate offers the flexibility of smooth conversion to slow-motion or 3D. Some of the footage was filmed through the use of a custom-built underwater tripod for lock shots that have an aquarium feel.

All of the 4K vision was filmed by cinematographer and marine biologist Josh Jensen. Jensen, a multi-award winning underwater cameraman and member of the Australian Cinematographers Society, has worked as a full-time underwater camera operator for over thirteen years.

The release of the new 4K Ultra High-Definition collection in vertical format by Undersea Productions gives production agencies and individuals around the world a unique and fresh perspective on the underwater world. Royalty-free licensing is available exclusively through Pond5.

Watch the Vertical 4K Demo Reel View the Collection on Pond5 Free Research Service Contact the Cameraman

About Undersea Productions

Australia-based Undersea Productions specializes in underwater cinematography and photography. Founders Josh Jensen and Liz Harlin started the company in 2006 and have won numerous awards for their work in both fields. The team has supplied imagery for clients that include the BBC, National Geographic, the Discovery Channel and many others. The company offers stock video footage and photography, custom underwater shoots, underwater imaging workshops, and end-to-end production services.

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